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I will say 500 battles is WAY WAY better than 300 wins.
But in the end it's more time consuming than just wins.., when i tried to get the 200 wins some Events ago, because i just skip these Arena Crap since 2 or 3 Months..,
I had in the most of the time wins.., easily on Autoplay.., i like the change from wins to just battles.., but the time conuming is still the same on 200..,
And they increased it now again to 300-500.., what's really stupid..,

Yeah ok now we would have the possibility just to play and cancel the fights.., but that's stupid too.

And we shouldn't forget the increase for SoW too! That means.., more Battles AGAIN means more SoW, means more Ironite, means more spend spend spend again! haha