As of late, the game has been pushing out new 5-set talismans which give very impressive powerups to whatever toon they are placed on. The issue is, none of these 5-star talisman sets are balanced. At all.

There was a time when Primordial Talismans were classified as "too powerful," and were actually the center of a huge controversy when they were nerfed. However, even the pre-nerf primordial talismans are nothing compared to the 5-set talismans we have been fighting against in the arena as of late. There are 3 sets in particular which are bullshit no matter who you're fighting: Labyrinth, Viper, and Alchemy. These 3 have basically caused a new meta to occur in which there is no way to counter a team which has these, especially if you fight certain characters with them equipped. Viper talismans have made Charlotte, Killers Eddie, Magus Derby Demon, and Daedalus a major pain in the ass whenever you face off against them. They inflict a massive amount of debuffs, cause the toon to repeatedly counter strike, and also reduce damage more than Fortune and Destiny Talismans. These were easy to obtain, sure, however they aren't fair to fight against in any meaning of the sense. Labyrinth talismans have made Set and the Raven Witch the worst things to exist since Assassin Banshee and Blue Lilith were part of the meta, as they basically make them impossible to damage. In addition, the Alchemist can equip Labyrinth talismans and basically become an unstoppable war machine. Alchemy Talismans are also a pain in the ass as they essentially make it so the other two talisman sets can't be countered; you can't stun a toon with Viper talismans if one of their teammates is sporting Alchemy Talismans. Not only this, but the 5-set talismans also leave room for a Cosmic talisman which just boosts the toons even further.

6-set talismans are basically obsolete in the game now, as none of them come close to being able to outclass the 5-set talismans in any way. Eclipse and Oracle are garbage, Valor can be useful in only very certain situations, and Eternal and Primordial are the only two which have any real chance of fighting anything off in the current meta. It's really a shame; you should feel like placing a 6 set of talismans on your toon will make him the most buffed, however they're actually detrimental in every situation. In addition there have also been a few 4 set talismans which are quite powerful, but really the 5-sets are the worst to deal with. I think that either every 5 set talisman should be nerfed a bit, or every 6 set should be buffed to make up for the huge power gap. Right now, the meta is just garbage and there's no real way for newer players to enjoy the arena or the gauntlet when facing off against teams with insane amounts of power. Hell, the FC talismans aren't any good either, and they cost the most! I hope that the devs have something planned, or else we're going to see a new meta which cannot be dealt with.