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    - Why isn't the last Tomb talisman available for fragments. Mean I don't really need any of the eddies.. but I would spend the frags on talismans if I could.

    - It's pretty much insulting that these immortal souls drop the 3 star Eddies. I mean come on already.. why not just make the fragments int he shape of a middle finger??

    - Timebombs on that Reaper in the Madness level of the dungeon do NOT ever fire. They stack and stack and stack and stack get down to 1 turn, but nothing every happens they seemingly stay there forever with no result.

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    - Doomsday's fury is not removing all buffs.... Perfect Immortality has a STRONG tendency to remain after his fury.

    - Apparently relics mean nothing.. other than the "special" relics you can purchase. Madness is ridiculously overpowered on the AI side.
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