OK, so for the first time ever I was about to get Warlord level! Yay!

So had gotten as good as 98 last week, but with a couple of hours to go, I was around 145 rank, with ~3490 VPs.

At the time, I also checked and to drop below 250, I would have had to drop 100 VPs.

I thought that should be enough (Its mothersday here in Aus so couldnt fight this morning).

Then I log in just now and I only got Dualist! Rank 298 with 3516 VPs...

I only was attacked twice in that time and I won both so that makes sense for VPs.

So around 150 ppl must have raised at least another 100 VPs or so in a couple of hours before reset.

So for those of you who are usually up the top of the arena, is that sort of movement normal in the last couple of hourse and its just a clear case of me being noob and not allowing enough of a gap without fighting all the way to the finish?

Or does it sound buggy?