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    Thanks muzak, i farmed powerslave ,it seems about the same as amolod. Is there anywhere they drop in 3s or sometthing? All i ever get are one at a time. I havnt had to farm ffor these since the early days. If they have become this rare,they should make all tals 4 star to start. They dont even have them in sac rewards.
    I Guess this is just a great example of YMMV. AMOLAD gives me even worse drop rates than one you specify (maybe 5 in however many runs I get from a full 120 SOT) whereas I get them every other run on Powerslave.

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    Well muzak, i gave it another shot. I baught a mega refill and earned almost 30 of them. Im guessing i just had bad luck last time.thanks for the info.

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