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    Those were the days!!

    Does anyone remember THIS little tidbit! The “features” being referred to are the Lord of Light Dungeons circa the end of 2016. RIP Matt_LOTB.
    A little about the plan from here:

    We felt that it was necessary to complete the roll-out of this feature as soon as we were able to do so. We had already committed to this release, and it will improve the play experience of the vast majority of our players. It provides new game content to play through, and restores the ability of players to generate resources with which they can advance their teams.

    With this feature now released, we are committing the entirety of our attention to improving the heath of the game in our next update or updates. Behind the scenes, we had already suspended our plans for additional feature roll-outs until we were able to address the bulk of these issues, so I just wanted to reassure you that the health of the game is our priority number one, until we're satisfied that the game is stable.


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    Stable is such a relative term..
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