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    These days I only play enough arena to earn a top 100 or better spot, nothing left to prove to anyone, but occasionally I like to prove to myself that I’ve still got it...
    So imagine my confusion when I opened my arena up just now currently rank 131, it’s time to battle my way back into the top 100 only to find before a reset all my opponents have earnt 3689 - 5067 points when I’m on a meer 2576....
    How is it fair putting me up against such lofty contenders?

    They had a good scoring system that no one complained about, we all knew the prizes sucked big bananas and new prizes were on the way, “that’s all that needed changing devs just the prizes” why must you continually stuff up everything about the game that’s good?
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    Because they want to encourage the "spend to refill" aspect some players are seemingly stuck in.
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    Rags, at the points you are at rank doesnt matter in the rewards system. Rank doesnt matter until 3500 points and then you only need to he rank 1000 for the rewards. You only start to earn 12 IC at 2500 points. They really.dorked up the rank/reward system for the players. As Yup stated, it really has become a SoW refill machine.

    The days to an early start after reset to earn 13 or 15 IC per battle are gone.
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