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    Quote Originally Posted by Leviathan View Post

    Finally, we have a few deals available in the store to help with getting and gearing up a Warrior Hierophant:

    Grail Talismans are green talismans with a 2 set effect that is not available anywhere else! Equip a full set for a 50% chance to cleanse negative effects when you take damage!

    Penance Talismans are red talismans with a 2 set effect that is not available anywhere else! Equip a full set to have a 35% chance to inflict Passive Disable on up to 2 enemies for 2 turns every turn!
    "Hey Idiots, buy what ever we sell ya, give us your $ and dont ask questions" that what NF is thinking?
    So they advertise the New Grail & Penance talismans work well for the new Warrior Heirophant. Yet, he has a magic attack, and those 2 new talismans are physical. Plus, W. HEIRO has 3 blue tali slots. I'm so tired of them putting out new toons and talismans that don't match, but are sold as though they do.
    Jeeez, just put magic w/ magic and physical w/ physical.... It's just efffin lazy.
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    "Good" observation Bakura! Unfortunately this shows very clearly how our beloved game is doing and how big the discrepancy is in terms of passion between the game development and the band that made all this possible.
    Really sad
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