Obtained the free Frontier Key to unlock the new Daily Dungeon, which has Ironite as the main reward. Completed the Normal dungeon but received a server error before my rewards were granted. Had to exit then enter back into the game but can't tell if I received the rewards, but that's neither here nor there.

What is concerning is that now whenever I try to enter the Daily Dungeon, almost all of my 5-star Eddies are missing, with the exception of Storm, Regular, and Soldier. Also, every one of my 5-star toons are missing, with the exception of my Pharaoh Dog. Everyone shows up on the regular worlds, Lord of Light, Brave New World, the Arena, the Gauntlet, and Skull Quests, so this has to be a bug.

P.S. I even restarted my phone just in case it was the most recent update to LOTB being a pain in the arse, but it still didn't fix it.