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Thread: Cheater on #1

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    Quote Originally Posted by wipp View Post
    Your sittin pretty for eternal. Let me know what legendary cosmic u pull with your area rewards
    I didnít pull a legendary cosmic (but is was a possibility) I got 666 ironite, 5 skill shards, 3 normal cosmic talisman souls, 100 eternity soul fragments and a gold medal soul.

    For my gold medal soul rewards, I got a warrior legendary soul, some other soul fragments (I forget which) and a pair of penance talismans which makes a set.

    I also now have 2 catalyst souls but Iím not sure if they were part of the rewards or I got them from the event. Unfortunately I cannot put this stuff into the book of souls because it keeps coming back and doesnít update that Iíve converted them on the game servers. I heard it happened before and that they are working on getting that sorted out though.
    The possibility of a legendary cosmic is kind of cool though. Itís a big reward and shouldnít be earned weekly to keep it rare. Iím cool with the rewards. Wasnít really playing for anything except to zone out and kill time. It was relaxing.
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    Thanks for the update, i thought the legendary was a reward but i misread. Congrats on eternal, that was a crap load of points you put up.

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    Zugzwang definetly earned the eternal position week.
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