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Currently running Daily Dungeon on Hard Mode (unable to take photo of what's going on, so I'll describe what's going on as best I can). I get all the way through to the Boss Wave with Gunner Dogs and Gunner Anubis, and kill one of the Gunner Dogs, but as soon as that happens, stuff gets loopy (and I mean literally). Constantly getting stunned, can't break it, and eventually get killed.

Recently ran with:
Storm Eddie (max level; two Holy talisman sets; Burning talisman set)
Pharoah Dog (max level; fully sharded; Advantage, Ivory, and Resistance talisman sets)
Sentinel Pyro Soldier (level 80; Strength and Holy talisman sets)
Angel of Pain (level 80; Stone and Ivory talisman sets)

Any recommendations to get through this or am I screwed?
Hehe, I had similar problems at times if I wasnt careful about my char selection. I actually reckon madness is easier for my team than hard!

Key thing is to take in some immunity providers or talismans and/or debuff cleansers. Ideally you want immunity or angel talismans on a cleanser and have enough power spare. Of course alchemy talismans are super useful in that one (if you have them).

Other approach is to get heavy hitters and smash that Anubis first before he can stun you.