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    Necropolis got wrong stats. I posted this in the bug section. Maybe someone of Navigator Frogs is reading...
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    Quote Originally Posted by URock View Post
    Seems to be a toon that was developed without a "function" only for graphics and relation to the actual album "The Book Of Souls".

    Unbelievable how many useless toons we got in this game...there's absolute no need to create new toons, when every month some of the old toons were refreshed...facepalm!
    Damn yeah.., i wish they would more concentrate on balancing the whole game.
    There are so many things that would be more "important" than character over character..,

    I mean the artists work on characters don't waste the time, but for the programmers and so..,
    There are so many small little things..,

    And these Events and Frags.., and everything.., Talis.., new new new new.., i mean ok, it's cool that there are so much possibilities now.
    But i miss the times where i wanted to spend some time manual in this game.., my phone is just running all day long this damn game, just for grinding.

    mmh.., I remember when i reached the goal for Grim Reaper Eddie and i was so DAMN happy.., because it felt good.., now it's just a mess and it goes even worse.
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    It is own of the biggest issues in the game more recently - my phone is no longer a phone but a gaming device that I sometimes need to use as an actual phone. Mine is plugged in all day long these days. For more casual players there is likely no issue but for a lot of us who want to try to get most if not everything played and won in events it is getting too much with event overlapping and most of these seem to be focused on getting the numbers - I do wish that they would move away from so much grinding - zero fun once you get an auto team and then it is just grind, grind, grind forever. I am lucky as I can have the game running 24/7 if I want to but I cant imagine many can or want to do this. I have stuck to getting a plus size phone when my contracts expire just to play this game as I dont fancy playing it on anormal iphone screen!

    In essence I do nto mind too much the multiple events but it is overkill at the moment - far too much time auto grinding - the only challenge is to find a team and then if you can fit it in to the days you have to do it. I am dreading going on holiday as I wont be at my desk so I cant run the game all day - just when I am back in the evening time!! Sort of joking but you know what i mean!
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