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    Good talis for witch doctor

    What are some good talismans to use on witch doctor?

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    There’s a lotta good Talisman for Witch Doctor, as youre character list grows you may want to move them around and test other combo,s too.
    I am using good old quake Talisman atm, but I have used greed Talisman and also you could try some Assasin combo’s like labyrinth or nightmare etc...
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    If you really want to utilize him.. warlord/Sustaining and then any other two (I might do Ruin to boost both HP [sentinels] and ATK [set boost]).

    You can also do Warlord and Vampire with a cosmic to boost HP if you have one, or a random green.

    Basically placing Warlord and then healing talismans on any character capable of wearing them is always beneficial. Witchdoctor with his 2 purple and 1 green slots is a good option for Warlord set if you use him in PvP.

    I actually have mine set up with Vampire and Blind at the moment. but I don't really use him for anything other than the Gauntlet.
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