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    So guys i'm in the same struggle like Blade and gogosox40.
    I'm on the way to 1500, it's a scarce thing but this time after too much of my personal ironite bunker i can buy the first time something like this.

    Buying a Talisman T2 (sadly i can't buy a T3 if i could i just would do it, because i love the number 3 xD and it sounds badass i you can evolve it) or better go with the Runes?
    But i think a T2 even with freeze could be a cool thing..,

    I think over the time there will be more often grinds like this, and for me it's too expensive to grind 24/3.
    And i think over the time there will be more possibilities to earn these kind of runes i hope.

    I bought a T2 just now.
    I evolved it to 2* LVL 20

    HP +7416
    ATK +797
    DEF +689

    It is similar to another T2 with ATK +15% from a talisman soul.
    HP +7758
    ATK +790
    MR +729

    I think that they the stats are similar all over if it is T1-T3 and the colors are the same.
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