@ Blade & Symbiote
I agree with both of you. I have stated multiple times at how this has become overwhelming with all the events/dungeons. I find myself putting off gauntlet until the last minute, and then only playing as much to just get whatever minimum is necessary for the current frags or talis. Pvp I play enough just to stay in the top 100 or 50.
I'm currently not working either, except at this game. I put in more hours in this game than I did in a standard job..... at least when I was working I didn't have to get up every so often while sleeping, like with some of these events. Especially this Virus dungeon, I had to keep checking to see if the dungeon expired, ran out of SoT, or lost connection. The things we do to get the latest toons (but he is pretty cool, no regrets.)
I try to take a break, but I've worked so hard to catch up and build a good foundation, I don't want to miss anything critical or fall behind. I basically have days where I hit it hard and then days I do bare minimum, just so I don't get burned out.
Good luck Troopers.... Up the Irons!