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    I'm not at that point yet but think its probably time I bite the bullet and buy the Ferryman. Not sure about the Beast or Angel Eddie yet as I think both are seriously overpriced. But yeah if you have them I guess there is nothing else to spend them on....but I think more characters will be added in the future, hence why I hoard EVERYTHING haha.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Yup View Post
    Are GOOD rewards a thing of the Past?????

    Last 3 cosmic dungeons have not given any rewards beyond 5 Cosmic frags, a few cosmic runes, then some gold, and occasional ironite.

    Previously the FIRST run through the dungeon provided 250 cosmic frags and a Legendary soul - then every subsequent runs gave the smaller rewards. Now it's ALL just the smaller rewards.

    Is the good stuff on the first run gone now???

    Same thing for the weekly key dungeon.. just legendary frags and gold.. not much there for 30SOT....
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    Quote Originally Posted by Liu View Post
    My bad ! As was pointed out to me, you get the 250 frags only the first time you clear per class. Thus you get it for a maximum of 5 times. Too bad, I was really looking forward to a massive influx of cosmic frags :P

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