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    Daily Dungeon Keys

    Have not had the time and ironite to do daily dungeon some days. So i had some of the key souls. Today i wanted to use them and half my way, after spawning some precious souls, i did not remove the "use-all-button". I got some keys but the dungeon was opened and only 3 times playable like i would have used only one key-soul. So if u have more than one key, take your time to uncheck the "use-all-button" if u don't want to waste your keys like i did...

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    Yeah, I found this out on the second day.

    Having them be souls is a really poor choice, in my opinion.

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    Thanks for the heads up. I did read somewhere that using a key when the dungeon is still open will do the following: if you have used several of the runs but not all of them, sacrificing the second soul will reset the dungeon to three again. It also said that the hours you can access the dungeon is reset- so for example if you have one hour left and pop a soul you are back up to 8 I believe.

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