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    Wink Good day crazy maiden fans

    Hello crazy LotB player

    so what shall I say, already playing since half a year or so, but only started to play properly like a month ago. Before I was rather randomly throwing my toons into fight and never really got the point of the events and so on :-P

    Also only now started to really use the forum to get some info and to find out how you get things done. Really great work here from some people (Talisman list, Character list, great thanks to Deathbat and his helping elfs). Before I was always going through all my toons to find to one who might have a certain abillitie :-)

    Always looking for new troopers, since I started to remove the ones who don't play anymore. Of course I like strong ones, but I also always consider the newcommers for farming etc. so they also earn some goodies (yes I know I'm a good soul )

    Account name: koeni-8626

    see you guys in the arena

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