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    New Forum Area: Resources

    There is a lot of useful information spread throughout the forum, some of it maintained, some of it outdated and in need of curation.

    I have a few bookmarks leading to various areas in the forums, but when I am looking for other specific information I have to result to googling it and hoping to find what I'm looking for.

    What I'd like to see is a forum section with consolidated topics, either locked or moderated, to contain things like:

    Deathbats Character Skills & Passives
    Character sac value list (this is buried in the forums somewhere)
    Talisman List (with locations)
    Character/Soul list, along with unavailable characters
    Relic Information
    Cosmic Information
    Eddie Tier List (this is open to feedback, however)
    Ally Tier List (Also open to feedback)
    Talisman Tier List (As above, but it would be nice to see enterprising players come up with effective character/talisman combinations)
    Eddie/Ally 3/4* Tier list for daily/weekly dungeons


    Basically I would like any of that information that we are crowd-sourcing to be available in one consolidated location to make finding things a little easier on everyone.
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    I agree that we need more (and better organized) resources. Leviathan had mentioned an official wiki last year, and I'm hoping it's still on the horizon, with much of this info included.
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