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    Just a couple current PvP bugs....

    ... Stop.. does not "stop" any character on the Ai side.. extra turns continue while the stop buff is sitting there, gets doubled, etc.... it does stop player characters though. So, the Ai just basically ignores it while the player MUSt adhere to it.

    Eclipse talismans on Ferryman do NOT "full heal and remove doom from enemies". In fact, they operate the same as they would on any character WITHOUT the "Shawl of Styx" passive. I briefly tested these when they were released and saw that it wasn't working to "full heal and remove doom" at that time.. silly me.. I assumed they were fixed, much like ALL THE BROKEN TALISMAN sets you all release.. appears I was mistaken.

    I can't swear to this one.. but this is what it appears to be.. need further testing to be certain.... It seems that not only do Singularity talismans prevent the team from having Passive Disable/Perfect Disable inflicted upon them .. it also seems they can't CAST passive disable either. My Gambler Ed can NEVER inflict passive disable if a (live) ally has Singularity talismans.... and that includes when the enemy team does NOT have singularity talismans or immunity/PI in play.

    All this is clearly present in PvP.. not all of it occurs in PvE.
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