Celebrate Legacy of the Beastís third anniversary!

From now until July 11th, 5 PM PT, complete event challenges to earn evolution materials, Mythic Anniversary Soul Fragments and more!

Mythic Anniversary Fragments are traded in the Event store for any of the following characters:
  • The Killer Beast
  • The Madam
  • Virtual XI Eddie
  • Gunner Krampus
  • Assassin Pharaoh Dog King

NOTE: If you claim a Mythic Anniversary Soul with your Fragments, this Soul will randomly grant one of the 5 characters listed above.

Get a full set of Rebellion Talismans! These talismans are our latest seasonally available talisman set, so be sure to get them while you can, as itíll be a long time before you see them again!

Completing event challenges will earn you a full set of this purple 3-set Talisman. Rebellion Talismans grant Immunity to Silence and Perfect Silence. They will also provide a 20% chance to remove all Silver effects from self and a random ally when you take damage.