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So with these Gate Talismans...
Arcane HP/Magic/MR
Power HP/Magic/DEF
Sorcery HP/Magic/DEF/MR.
Is there really a bid difference between MR & Def? Isn't MR just a specific Defense against Magic only and DEF is a DEF against all types of damage?
Is there any preferred one over the other? Don't know which one to get.
MR is against magic damage, DEF is against physical damage, nothing can prevent true damage. As we have so many characters doing random or a combination of damage types, I do not recommend to only focus on one. Only expection might be if you plan to use the tali on a character that you only use in let's say warrior LoL, as all enemies there do physical damage.
Sorcery does give less MAGIC (which is important to deal magic damage), but on the other hand it gives more HP, MR and DEF.
Try to find a strategy that suits your playing style. I have found mine with as balanced stats as possible.

About the drop rates:
I linked one very old post from Sparton last month (or the month before) saying, that the drop rates increase with difficulty level. Not much but they do or at least did and I do not think that they changed it.