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    Mark old frags as old....

    So many frags now.. all looking remarkably the same or very similar.... Little clue as to WHICH frag goes with WHAT event and if they can still be used and which are from old events and no longer valid....

    It would be nice to add some sort of indicator to the frag icon when frags are no longer available (event is over) and can only be converted or claimed. Like an ed head skull icon in the lower left/right corner (similar to skill shard icons in the sac chamber) or something.

    And it would be nice to "dump" (or even sell for 1 gold each) frags having no other value.. like Immortal frags.. not enough to convert.. not enough to claim... so those 4 frags I have take up a slot seemingly forever now.
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    I'd like to add those stragglers/orphan fragments to others to be able to have enough to convert. I also want the ability to purchase fragments for ironite, iron coins, or other in game currencies to be able to complete a soul if I was not able to finish during an event. Its really frustrating being so close but being denied a character.

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    Yeah, great idea and that would be easy to do. Perhaps these could be used to receive a missing talisman in a set or somethign along those lines?
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    I totally agree with you @Yup. My fragment collection is a mess. I'm not sure which ones to keep or dump at this point...

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