Hi guys! I've been reading through the forum for awhile but never registered. I just did the other day. Wanted to say thanks to everyone in here who answers peoples posts its alot of help. Anyway......
Right now I'm somewhat confused at what just happened to me in the gauntlet. I always ALWAYS get stuck and end in D. I don't have enough Eddie's when the round gets specific. I thought I was gonna be good this time I had enough characters/Eddie's and just needed 3 more wins to win 250 frontier coins and I was gonna be able to get a new character. I was excited Haha BUT:
I was in D. Battle 3.It is sentinel/magus only. I had ONE sentinel Eddie left. Mummy Eddie. Sigh. But good team. Well.....my opponent had a team of gunners and warriors along with 1sentinel 1 magus. How is that possible? I was only able to select sentinel/magus. Why not the opponent also?
The worst is he/she had aces bomber which is what really won it and hurt me and I have an aces bomber too.....but couldn't use him.
Is this normal?