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    I remember Gauntlet beta last year at this time. I was pretty new, but realized the best thing to do is "Start building an Army"..... save every toon, collect and max out talis, skill shard up your best toons, and play every event/challenges to gather resources for powering up your army. It takes time, money helps. Also, spend Iron Coins only on relics (these are the backbone to everything.)
    I make sure each team has a healer/cleanser, someone supplying immunity, a Blocker if you have weak allies or a Reviver, and lastly a toon who can bring the pain/heavy hitter. Use green talis for health with most every toon (if you don't have 5/6 talismans set.) It's a balance of health & power. "Survivability is everything".....
    Good luck.... and May the Schwartz Be with You!
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