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    Blade, you are correct. Many didnt have the time, resources or immediate need to complete the Cav Ed challenge. Poor communication and over eventing us may cause many unhappy players along with all the other problems with the game.

    If he cost was 25 or 50 FC per key it wouldnt be as bad of an insult. Now only the top tier players can afford to earn Ed/Major, but then they had a good chance anyway.
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    Why would anyone pay that much for this dungeon? @Blade that was my plan too, finish the warfare and anniversary events before moving onto this dungeon, with there being achievements added as well it was my understanding this would be something I could at my own pace, not rushing within 5 days... Looks like I will never get Cavalry Eddie or Malakhov unless they plan on doing recurring events where it will cost badges again...

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