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Thread: Sacrifice Event

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yup View Post
    Well I pulled al I could from the frags.. sitting on 5 sets now. Goal is to get a set on each class of character, preferably a 5 star character (for cosmic dungeons).... Kind of stuck on Warrior though since W Major is the only 5 star warrior with 2 blue slots.

    If'n he don't die.. his passive of removing buffs and putting everyone to sleep doesn't work. So he kind of HAS to die (and revive) for that move to mean anything. Some PVP players don't realize this.. if he has Endure or Invincibility when he uses that move.. it hits like a gnat and is practically meaningless. But.. you can't always control him getting/not getting Endure/Invincibility or when he'll use the power move in PVP (Barring Blight talismans which I don't have [not worth $10]). I've been testing him on my PvP D team this past week.... but it's hard to tell home much of an issue this is for my team. Alchemy talismans do grant Invincibility at start.. so if he's using that move.. it may not mean anything at times.

    And he'll only revive once. This is also why I think the (Blue 6 set to disable passive disable) that I have is best served on him so his passive is never disabled. Thus far, only 1 set of those exist in my inventory.

    I do have 2 of the Majors though.. so I might use one just for the cosmic dungeon... but I found recently that Calvary Ed with Troopers (granting PI and Echo), Charlotte with Vipers (healing, buff stealing, countering, and reviving if needed), and Sehkmet with Echos (Buff removal and extra turn fury) is really all you need for the W Cosmic Dungeon. I kept losing every few runs using Alex Ed or any other W Ed. Once I swapped out Calvary Ed with Troopers.. no losses thus far. So.. I may not need the W Major for the Cosmic Dungeon.
    My team was:
    Alex(Dominance Sustaining Cosmic)
    Charlotte(Viper Cosmic)
    Sekmeth(Redemption Sustaining Cosmic)
    Killer Beast (Labyrinth Cosmic)
    Full auto, never failed.

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    I ran the same team. It won most of the time. I'm just lazy and don't want to move talismans around... and really.. the losses were due to everyone but Alex being Frozen in that first battle.

    If you have him, you should try swapping Alex for Calvary with troopers, it goes WAY faster (more runs in the hour)

    Now we need an event or dungeon that drops 3 star colorless evo runes well. Seems all the Cosmic/Trooper/Viral dungeons only drop 2 stars well. And trying to farm NC or BNW for them means you'll get less than 20 for every 600 SOT spent... really low rates.
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    Had a massive sac a thon today, purely in the interest of getting more relics and now I've maxed out my Warrior and Magus relics with only Def/MR for Sentinel, Attack/Magic for Assassin and Attack/Magic/Fury for Gunner. Globals are last on my priority.

    Made myself way over 10k Frontier coins and actually blew a few thousand on trooper eddie souls to keep the souls coming.

    The only thing that irks me is after all the Gunner and Assassin souls I've pulled I'm still missing my G/A Hierophants, Executioner Eddie and Gunner PDK. Bloody infuriating it is.

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    Great event for me - no down sides at all. Gains (as I mentioned elsewhere):

    I am well over 200M gold for the first time - so far a gain of around 80M (spent some on level up the 1 star sac hearts to max 1 star and stopped there) as well as some sac fodder being levelled up too.
    I have really hit the relics very hard with this event and still going as I was likely a long way behind a lot fo folk as I tend to not do loads of arena of Gauntlet - tend to stop at SS or earlier. So far that is has been really good for me as really hit a lot of the coloured relics I needed so getting close to completing them all now which is nice and saved me a lot of time! Not sure on how much I spent in IC that dropped but around 50k or so.
    Got some characters I was missing and one or two good dupes as well as countless new sac fodder - new to me: Magus Crimean, the two new Golems, Executioner Eddie and two Assassin PDK at last.
    Gained over 1k Ironite.
    About 11k Frontire Coins
    Three sets of talisman as well from The Alchemist frags from Vortex drops.
    350ish SoW.
    And finally I must have gained around 70+ Skill Shards too btu used some on the new allies and Eddie! Mist be sitting at arounf 1.050 in total now.
    Missing the following characters (well the ones I want!):

    Samurai Emperor Eddie - NotB Eddie - Pharoah Ramesses Eddie - Icarus
    The Count - Krampus - PDK - Hierophant - Dark Lilith - All Minotaurs except Assassin!

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