Well the title says it all. It is not new, but I want to keep this topic alive as a think it should have high priority.

(Perfect) Passive Disable are crucial debuffs and many team setups and talismans are dealing with these. Unfortunately this all makes no sense as long as the Prisoner and the Killer can bypass it "secretly", which means that there is no icon shown but the passive is still disabled. This also connects to e.g. Charlotte's passive as she should be immune to silver debuffs (= perfect passive disable). She can still get it (and other debuffs), if the normal version is transformed into the silver version. This cannot be intended I think.

The topic is relevant, as unfortunately a lot of teams in the Arena (also the top players) exploit these bugs (and of course also Gauntlet). Apart from lack of morality, one cannot really blame the players for using exploits. I really do not want to discuss that. The only good way to solve this topic would be, to have a fix coming that solves the bugs and the related frustration. Thanks!