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Magma Beast Eddie is making his Legacy of the Beast debut! This fully skill sharded character is the special edition version of Beast Eddie and is exclusive to the Hellish Soul.

From now until July 25th, 5 PM PT, venture into the temporarily reopened Hellfire Dungeon! The first time you complete one of the 3 dungeon floors available, you will be granted with set rewards including Hellish Souls and Echo Talismans. All subsequent victories are guaranteed to provide Warrior Soul Fragments, as well as a chance of up to 2 bonus rewards, including Eclipse Talismans.

Complete event challenges in this Dungeon to win rewards including Legendary Class Souls, Ironite and Hellish Soul Fragments!

The Hellish Soul is a limited time event soul which guarantees a 3★ to 5★ character of any class, with an increased chance of summoning The Killer Beast (Warrior), Beast Eddie (Assassin), and other demonic characters, with an EXCLUSIVE chance of summoning Magma Beast Eddie!

Get ready to put your team to the test! Completing class-based Event Challenges will reward Frontier Coins and the new Infernal Frontier Key Soul.

New Permanent Frontier Key Dungeon!

The Infernal Conflict event also sees the debut of an all-new Frontier Key Dungeon - the INFERNAL DUNGEON!

This dungeon grants valuable evo rewards, and has 4 new Achievements associated with it! Complete these new Achievements and earn a GUARANTEED Magma Beast Eddie + other high value rewards!

Even if you are unable to secure enough character fragments to earn this character during the event, the Infernal Frontier Key has a permanent home in the Frontier Store. That means youíll be able to complete Achievements and earn Magma Beast Eddie Fragments once the Infernal Conflict Event ends!

How to access the Infernal Dungeon!

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Step 1: Earn Infernal Frontier Key Souls from Challenges

Complete class-based Event Challenges for Frontier Coins and the new Infernal Frontier Key Soul.

These challenges are your chance to get a head start on the Infernal Dungeon Achievements, and a guaranteed Magma Beast Eddie.

Step 2: Summon Infernal Frontier Key Souls to unlock the Infernal Dungeon

Summon the Infernal Frontier Key Soul you have earned from Event Challenges.

As soon as you Summon an Infernal Frontier Key Soul the Infernal Dungeon will unlock in the Time Rift!

Alternatively, you also have the option to purchase Infernal Frontier Keys straight from the Frontier Store. These Keys are a permanent addition to the Frontier Store, and cost a total of 250 Frontier Coins.

IMPORTANT: Obtaining another Infernal Frontier Key (either by purchasing one, or by summoning a new Infernal Frontier Key Soul) while there is already an Infernal Dungeon open will reset the dungeonís countdown timer (i.e. Obtaining another Infernal Frontier Key when there are 20 minutes remaining in the Infernal Dungeon will reset the timer to 2 hour).

Step 3: BATTLE in the Infernal Dungeon

Head to the Time Rift and battle in the Infernal Dungeon! Once it is unlocked, this Dungeon will be open for 2 hour total. There are no limits on how many times the dungeon can be played within that time frame.

Troopers beware! This is a high challenge Dungeon with an Assassin Only Class Restriction, so be prepared!

The first time you complete this dungeon, you will receive set rewards including a Legendary Soul, Talisman Soul Fragments and more. All subsequent victories are guaranteed to provide XP Runes, as well as a chance of bonus rewards, including Reaper Talismans.

Please note: The Infernal Dungeon only has 1 difficulty setting (Normal).

Step 4: EARN Magma Beast Eddie Fragments from Achievements

The Infernal Dungeon has 4 new Achievements associated with it. Complete these Achievements by battling with Eternity Eddie, Wrath and The Beast in order to earn Magma Beast Eddie Soul Fragments!

666 Magma Beast Eddie Fragments = 1 Guaranteed Magma Beast Eddie

See full Magma Beast Eddie character details in his character post!

You can see full Achievement details in-game! If you are unable to earn Magma Beast Eddie from the Hellish Soul, the permanent addition of the Infernal Frontier Key will allow you to work towards earning this incredible new Eddie!

Hellish Soul Details

Hellish Souls contain the following highlights:

Exclusive Chance of:

Magma Beast Eddie (5* Assassin): This special edition version of Beast Eddie comes fully skill sharded and equipped with the Molten Rapture passive, replacing the regular Beast Eddie fury attack. This ability grants a 50% Chance to Remove Silver Effects from all allies at the start of your turn. It also provides all allies at the start of each turn with a Magma Shield!

Increased Chance of:

The Killer Beast (5* Warrior): The Killer Beast is a ferocious 5* Warrior capable of dealing out big damage while surviving in heavy hitting battles for the long haul. His basic attack steals beneficial effects, including golden effects inflicts damaging debuffs like Crave and Permadeath while his Fury grants damage type invulnerability to all allies for the duration of battle!

Beast Eddie (5* Assassin): This unholy incarnation will debilitate foes with a wide variety of negative effects, and features two new effects. Bloodlust is a negative effect that heals your team every time you attack an enemy inflicted with it, and Shroud is a beneficial effect that converts damage taken into a portion of MAX HP! Unleash his Red Dragon fury to Doom and Furious Burn all enemies while cleansing all negative effects from allies, including Silver Effects!

Angel Of Pain (4★ Magus)
Angel Of Strife (4★ Sentinel)
Angel Of Fear (4★ Warrior)
Angel Of Mercy (4★ Gunner)
Death Dog (4★ Assassin / 3★ Warrior)
Soulless Demon (4★ Sentinel / 3★ Warrior/ 3★ Assassin)
Derby Demon (4★ Sentinel/ 4★ Assassin)

Finally, we have a few deals available in the store to help with obtaining and powering up new Hellish Soul characters!:

  • Echo Talismans are also obtainable from the store as an in-app purchase! This one time only offer gives you a full set of the talismans with some bonus Ironite, Gold and Sands of War.
  • Donít miss out on the The Damned Good Deal! This pack contains an unholy amount of Ironite, Gold, Skill Shards and XP Shards!
  • Pick up our Frontier Coins pack! Each pack contains 500 Frontier Coins, 200 Iron Coins, as well as some Ironite, Gold and Skill Shards.