Been playing since the beginning, sorry I waited so long to join the forum! I'm a daily player, haven't dropped a dime on the game (and won't), and a die hard fan of Iron Maiden and heavy metal! I remember much of the original graphics/levels/character moves, we have come a long way! A big thank you to the Forum and everyone in it!! I have looked up many tips/tricks on here in the past. So I do have an important question. Not too long after the game came out I got a new phone. When I loaded the game on the new phone I had my Eddie's (at the time only a few) but lost my other characters. I wasn't too far in the game at the time so I didn't care and grinded on. Today, I got a new phone. After the years of playing this game daily, I have a TON of stuff, lol. Has anyone else had this problem? Was this a problem before and now it's fixed? I am waiting to get some feedback before I activate the new phone.

So aside from LoTB, I play guitar, sing/scream (link to my Black Sabbath/MetallicA band in my profile!), work on cars, treat people (sometimes animals!), and skateboard if I ever have time. Looking forward to meeting everyone!