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they arent "adjusting for 3 players" every time the arena rewards change, they change those souls to supply the new rewards. So whenever a new talisman set gets added to the arena rewards, they must remove the old talisman set and add the new one.

This isnt hard, people. and it isnt a big time consuming change either. So much bitching and whining on this forum.... at least spend your energy bitching about legitimate problems and complaints, jeez.
For sure Pal. Now we're discussing the August tuning. What's in there ?

3 new talisman sets
Adjusting the dungeon drop rates
Adjusting the arena rewards.

And that's it.

On the talisman sets, we have new ones every month

On the drop rates, they told us the drop rates were normal and now they're adjusting them, good, they listened to feedback

On the arena rewards, those 3 players will at the moment be the only ones benefitting from the new talismans.

So except for fixing two existing parameters, all this tuning update does is provide content for 3 players, call that bitching if you want, but I do believe there are other priorities.

Furthermore new talismans means gauntlet enemies that have them (they're not players) and only 3 players will be able to compete with that.

Again, priorities.