I made it to the Charlotte, NC show on Monday 7-22. Show was great as expected! The song list was great. I don't know how Bruce managed to make it through the heat in a couple of the costumes, but he pulled it off!

Also was my niece's first Iron Maiden concert! 7-22 is her birthday and she asked me to take her to the show as her present. Absolutely great night for us both! Good seats, got matching tour t-shirts, truly great time! It is amazing to look through the crowd and see a sea of Iron Maiden t-shirts spanning the years! My niece borrowed a Seventh Son shirt to wear in even though she knew I was planning to get her one from this show.

Which leads me to something I would like to know. Is there anyone who could tell me how many officially licensed/approved different versions of Iron Maiden tour t-shirts have ever been produced? I mean the unique number of designs. It always amazes me when I go to a concert and see a Maiden shirt I've not run across before. I could not tell you how many unique Maiden shirt designs I saw in Charlotte!