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    Is there a chance of more future time rift levels based off yet unused albums such as a future world for somewhere in time, or an ice world for seventh son of a seventh son.

    And could there also be a guitar Eddie based off Dave Murray

    Leviathan Edit: Hi I want_beef! Llexi has answered your question in his reply at the beginning of this thread. I have also copied his response below!

    Quote Originally Posted by LlexiLeon View Post
    Eventually we'd love to get around to exploring all of the album lore, there are even some early explorations of a world for Somewhere In Time - it was one of the first worlds we looked at in terms of art concepts, but ultimately it didn't serve the initial story arc to jump into that specific future London setting, but i'm sure we'll get a chance to realise that eventually, especially now that we have our own Night City interpretation of London to rebuild in the future! Always keen to add more guitar wielding Eddies \m/
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