Hello Troopers,

Welcome to our first ever Dev Q&A!

The Devs have begun to answer your questions! They'll be answering from 10am-4pm PT today!
Here’s how we will be doing it:
  • The first 3 replies in this thread will be dedicated to the dev answers so you don’t have to go scrolling through several pages to find them all. Each reply will contain answers from a different person.
  • We’ll be ‘quoting’ the questions we answer within these replies, so everyone is able to follow along and see what and who has been answered.
  • We’ll be going into the thread as we answer your questions and editing the original post to signal that it has been answered. If we see duplicate questions, we’ll be editing these comments to include a link to the reply with the answer.

Here are the devs you will be hearing from throughout the day:

Available from 10-4pm PT:

Kaz - Legacy of the Beast’s Designer - Answers will be found here!
Matt - Legacy of the Beast’s Producer - Answers will be found here!:

Available from 11:30-1:30pm PT:

Llexi Leon - Iron Maiden Management's Creative Director - Answers will be found here!

We will do our best to answer everyone’s questions within the time frame allotted. Thank you for your patience!

Q&A Ground Rules:

Please phrase your questions as clearly as possible. If your post does not contain a clearly identifiable question, it may not be addressed.

We expect everyone to follow our Rules and Regulations. Please take the time to read through and familiarize yourself with this code of conduct. Posts that break the rules, especially those that contain the following elements, will be deleted from this thread:
  • Harassment; insulting or abusive language
  • Posts that are made simply for the purpose of trolling

Discussion Topics!

We’re here to answer questions you have regarding the Iron Maiden: Legacy of the Beast game, comics, tour, figurines etc.!

Not sure what to ask? Sends us questions regarding upcoming features, character ideas you’ve been putting together, battle tips and events!

And while you’re here, we’re curious about a few things as well!
  • How did you find about the game?
  • Were you an Iron Maiden fan first, or was the game an introduction?
  • How long have you been playing?

Feel free to include your answers to the questions above, or simply submit your own questions! We’ll work hard to answer as many inquiries as we can.