Why are there so many elements for evolving cosmic talismans?

All the different pieces have increased the complexity of trying to evolve those talismans many times compared to normal talismans. Chasing all these extra pieces has definitely reduced my enjoyment of the game.

I understand you may want to limit their evolution so they don't create a vastly different dynamic in the game, but there are simpler ways than making lots of different components for them, like just making it that you require more components.

Leviathan Edit: Hi Cefiar! Kaz posted an answer to this in his reply at the beginning on this thread. I've also pasted it below!

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One of the goals for the Cosmic Talismans, which we haven't quite finished executing on, was to give players the opportunity for more unique and customizable builds as well as to embark on a distinct adventure to complete those builds. While we have been seeing lots of diversity and creativity in the Cosmic Talisman use, we're still a bit behind on adding in the unique farming areas where you can acquire specific materials in bulk (such as Black Rain, Ashes of Ice, etc.)

The point of this is to create different motivations to play different challenges and areas in the game and break up the monotony of only grinding the one dungeon or quest all day, every day. That's part of the rational of why there are the distinct materials, but I can understand the current frustration off not being able to adequately pursue the completion of your specific Cosmic Talisman at this time.

In the short term we are increasing the drop rates of these materials in the Cosmic Talisman Dungeon (which is meant to be a more general source of evolution material) while we continue to develop the locations that will allow players to farm specific evolution materials.