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    Are there any plans to revitalize some of the long standing in app purchases? Lots of the ironite and heroic fragment items are pretty underwhelming when you compare them to what you can get for free these days. if I have extra money I wouldn't mind spending it on this game as long as I'm buying something that is worth the purchase.

    And after all this time, I'd like to know what happened to Sparton? He used to answer alot of our questions until he just vanished into thin air.

    Will there be more communication in the future?

    And to be quite honest I think that fancy name for the new feature instead of guilds should be clans since the whole clansman thing

    Another question about Cosmic talismans. When they came out pretty much all that I could see people getting where stat boost talismans and now it seems like every other type that I pull has an augmentation effect, were there some under the hood changes that we're done or am I just suddenly quite lucky?

    Leviathan Edit: Hi Amarthir! Matt has answered your questions in his reply at the beginning of this thread! You can find those responses at the bottom of his comment.
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