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    + Is there a possibility of web-based team viewer. Like some mmorpgs?
    + We know we are going to get an in-game one but any chance of web based encyclopedia/wiki sort of thing?

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    There are the following problems with the implementation of missions and achievements. I went through all the available tasks perfectly (3 skulls)

    1. Use Remove Beneficial Effects. - none counted.
    I specifically cleaned them hundreds of times, with every necessary character, but none of them counted

    2. Master skull quests IV
    complete 6/8
    But I did everything on 3 skulls

    Thank you in advance.

    P.S. phone Xiaomi Redmi 5A 3/32

    Screenshots attached.
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    Thanks very much for the chance to Q&A Devs Cheers
    To answer your questions I discovered this game through my son in law yes you read it right my son in law! (and heís a father now)
    I have been playing the game long enough to remember before the game had troopers, I guess a couple of months after it started.
    I have been a fan of Iron Maiden Since 1982 but purchased my first album Powerslave in 1984

    I donít have a question, it seems after reading through the last 4 and a bit pages my questions have been asked multiple times already, so Iíll save you the pain!

    Iím liking the pace at the moment though 15 sands of time per round of the various dungeons is rather expensive.
    Youíve (for the most part) done a pretty good job over the past 3 years, Iím glad I have hung in here to see it thus far,
    Thanks for the LOTB experience
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    A lot of thoughtful questions have been asked already, and I will eagerly await their answers. I have a couple to add:

    1. More than one person has asked if some of the older Eddies might be updated to be more in line, power-wise, with the newer characters. Is there any chance that we might see this with some of the ally characters? In particular, 5*s, like the Allied General, Corrupt General, The Witch Doctor, The Nomad, and The Prisoner? In CG and Prisoner's cases, simply restoring them to their original abilities would go a long way in terms of making them more useful and relevant in today's character pool. Their adjustments (arguably) were necessary when they were initially made, but they are significantly underpowered in relation to newer characters, and for such rare characters, it would be nice to see this addressed. Other adjusted characters, such as Warrior Troll and Angel of Fear seem due for revisiting too, perhaps.

    2. Is there any chance we might see additional talismans added as rewards to the Brave New World Dungeons? Initially, some of the top reward talismans were worthy of pursuit, but in today's talisman-rich environment, most have become obsolete. It would be nice to see some of the newer talismans available as rewards... perhaps some additional (and more difficult) levels could be added to the BNW to offer this?

    3. Is there any chance we will eventually see characters initially added to the game as purchase-only (Sirius, Gangland Eddie) available to earn, or purchase by other means? Are there any plans to this effect?

    I have been playing this game daily since the month after its launch, and I have, for the most part, enjoyed the journey (and most especially have enjoyed the game's community) all of that time. I have been an Iron Maiden fan for more than thirty years, and initially encountered them through my fathers' vinyl collection. I heard about the game, prior to its launch, on my Facebook newsfeed, either from Blabbermouth or Loudwire or some other metal news site.

    Up the Irons! \m/

    - TEF

    Leviathan Edit: Hi The Educated Fool! Matt has answered your questions here.

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    Sorry for posting several times in this thread. Some of my questions are on behalf of other players. Here is one more:

    Are there any plans to make a version of the game available offline?

    Leviathan Edit: Hi druid138: Matt answered this in his reply over here, but essentially, this is not in our plans.
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    Thanks devs to offer us this opportunity of a Q&A.

    A simple question : is it planned a Trade Shop between players (or troopers) ? Like trading dupes characters that others can't get (i.e I sac already 1 Charlotte, 3 x Gunner Krampus, 2 x Major Malakohv, 2 x Samourai) or talismans to complete legs (I have several Troopers like 6 or 7 but I can't complete a Frontier or Siege)

    Fan since 1986 and Somewhere In Time.
    Happens that I have some IM album on Google Music so Google Play suggest Me the game (it was a pre-registered game at the time).
    Played since the first day but a hiatus of some months make me miss the 1 anniversary.

    Leviathan Edit. Hi kgk56! Matt answered your question in his reply at the beginning on this thread. I've also pasted it below!

    Quote Originally Posted by Matt_LOTB View Post
    Not really, no. Unfortunately, trade systems have significant potential for abuse and need to be designed and built very carefully in order to avoid exploitation. Implemented incorrectly such a system could stand to undermine the entire game economy.

    That said, we have explored some other, similar systems that would allow players to provide each other a leg up without directly trading specific items.

    In the nearer term, we'd like to get something like a mailbox into the game, so that there's at least a single place for players to collect rewards. That would be a prerequisite feature to any kind of player gifting system.
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    Cheers for this thread. Here are my questions:

    1. Why does every aspects of the game rely on grinding?
    * I don't believe anyone would enjoy repeating the same task constantly, that's not fun.
    * This game seems to require grinding more than PC/Console MMORPG , and this is a phone game. The standard game model for mobile is not to encourage people to stay on the game 24/7, instead merely an hour every day.
    * If the game was ad based, I would understand why you would need to make people online the game as much as possible... But it's not.

    2. (Related to the question above) Why can't you introduce an instant/swipe concept instead of auto-replay.
    Very simple concept, when you clear a dungeon with 3 stars, you will get the option to clear it instantly (by spending the sand of time required for it) without having to auto-play (it would replace auto-replay) and waste time grinding. This would decrease the time required to stay on the game without affecting the spending of ironite for refill. Actually it would increase sand of time refills.

    3. Why are characters and talismans still introduced in a really high rate although it was said that the pacing would decrease.

    How did you find about the game?
    Social media or from the iron maiden concert. Don't really remember.

    Were you an Iron Maiden fan first, or was the game an introduction?
    Iron Maiden fan first.

    How long have you been playing?
    Since the begining (except for a couple of weeks when my OS version was newer than supported)
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    Hi guys. Thanks for doing this, I'm looking forward to seeing your responses. I have a sort of hardware based question for you; would you consider including a "low graphics" option in the settings at all in future? While the effects are great, my trusty old Galaxy S5 occasionally struggles when multiple target multiple hit attacks are made, especially if there are lots of effect statuses present; all of the damage indicators, blocks, etc. as well as the graphics of the attack itself can cause problems. I can see that newer handsets will obviously be able to cope with more and more graphics and effects but a low effect button or similar would prevent those of us using an older handset from being left behind if the game surpasses the capabilities of our phones.

    Now for your questions. I seem to remember finding out about the game through a cardboard collar on a bottle of Trooper when you first launched; I recall that the game wasn't available for my phone at first so I kept checking the app store until it showed up. I've been a Maiden fan since I was about 16 when I bought Edward the Great and have been playing the game for just over 3 years.

    Leviathan Edit. Hi dragonmat89! Matt answered your question in his reply at the beginning on this thread. I've also pasted it below!

    Quote Originally Posted by Matt_LOTB View Post
    So, this actually exists in the game already, but it's all done under the hood. The game will automatically adjust it's graphical settings (to a degree) based on the grade of the device it's playing on. Truth be told, though, we haven't updated our spec classifications, nor our minimum device spec in some time, so it's quite possible the game thinks your device is better able to handle certain settings than it actually is.

    Making this setting toggleable is something we could consider in the future.
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    Number of the beast eddie will be available in heroic souls from time to time. You can buy virus keys in the frontier store to unlock a dungeon were you can get fragments for virus eddie

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    Hey thank you for doing this :-)

    My questions:

    1. The meta in the arena is always changing. But at the moment you have created a pretty questionable arena environment where some fights sometimes take many minutes to finish because of all the avoiding/reducing damage kind of stuff. Are there any plans to make arena more enjoyable and faster again? Back in the days arena was the best mode in the game, but i know some people who barely touch it at the moment.

    2. Some character seem to have lower drop chances than others. Seems like newer chars (executionerd
    eddie for example) have other drop% than other 4* assassin toons, is this true?

    3. What will be the next big addition to the game contentwise, silent planet, isle of avalon or something else? can you tell us a bit more about what we can expect there? Will it be "just another world" or something with more longterm motivation like gauntlet?

    4. Do you have plans to introduce the trenchcoat eddie (stranger in a strange land) as special version of cyborg eddie? I'd love to see this

    about me: maiden fan for over 25 years now i spend a big part of my youth listening to them. i found the game via facebook.
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