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    i know that there isnt a lot you said so far so i wanted to ask again About guilds. Some of us are already preparing for that feature that is why a few more informations would be nice. Some of us even created Guild Groups already, but we could use some more Detail. Member numbers, Features, raid and competitive System against other guilds. This is stuff we want to know. And Maybe a Little time scale, is it planned for November, February 2020, we could use a Little more than "soon"

    Which brings me to another Points, silent planet and Avalon. can you give a Rough timescale for those 2 worls?

    another Point that is Pretty important is the amount of reworks for older Chars. it is no secret that the older 4* Chars just cant compete with their newer Counterparts anymore, even the old 5* Chars are Pretty useless those days. I mean, nobody uses Warrior and Assassin Child of the damned for example. It has to be a bad Feeling for newer Players being happy gaining a 5* char like Warrior child of the damned and 7th son Eddie just to see them being annihilated by any newer 4* Chars. Is there a plan for increased buffing rates for those Chars? We could even cut the Patches in 2 parts with 1 part only being there to bring older Chars into line, but the Status atm is kinda dissapointing.

    Those are the Questions that bother me the most atm, have a nice day
    Your beloved emperor

    Leviathan Edit: Hi The Emperor. Both Matt and Kaz answered questions regarding Guilds, timing of new features, as well as the reworking of older characters in their replies at the beginning of this thread!

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    Been a Maiden fan since I was a teenager (a long time ago!) so really been buying their albums from new since Piece of Mind - Icarus was my first bought from new metal 12" vinyl! Seen them many times live since then. First tour was Powerslave at Edinburgh Playhouse. Heard about the game early on in an article about it - cant remember which but it was online so maybe Blabbermouth. Been playing almost since the start - think it was a month or so after launch that I started to play it. Delay in playing was because I did not have a device that would play it at the beginning but then got an iphone and ipad from my work!

    Most questions I thought of have been asked already so no need to add again here.

    MUSIC QUERY: Do you have access to the entire Maiden music catalogue for use in game? If so can we have more variation in the music used - maybe a pick your own album option for each world or dungeon? Would it not be really cool for you guys to get the band to do a song based on the game so you have your own theme song that goes with the game opening or in the background? I have often wondered why you could not sort this and the song could either be featured on a new greatest hits CD or as a bonus track on a Maiden album CD? This would be a big deal for all fans if you guys had 'exclsuive' access to the song for a few weeks? A very big win if it could be done and pretty sure it would pull in a load of new fans to at least try the game - maybe not have it as a tune you can download for a short while - only in game you can hear it perhaps?

    COMICS QUERY: Not sure if covered but - I actually really like the comics and glad to see these becoming more easily available in the UK (Forbidden Planet for me). Will it always be the case that these come out after things are released on here - Isle of Avalon for example - is that to be the next comic theme? Any chance that you release the comic first and then the themed area so we can get a taste for what migth be coming?

    PLATFORM QUERY: Think it was asked before but are there any plans to push this game out into other platforms like Facebook Gameroom/PC? I would like to see it on a bigger creen with out the need for some bluestacks style thing (which I dont want to use).

    UPGRADE MATERIAL QUERY: We have colourless character upgrade material - are we going to get the same for regular non-cosmic talismen?

    RESOURCE USE QUERY: Can we go back to having some trade options in the shop - or more of it? So if you have 260M gold - trade some of that for other stuff of use, same for FC and IC etc etc. Just provide a few more options...not a big thing but just more options would be good I think.

    I am sure there will be more but these are my queries for now.

    Thanks for the opportunity to ask these and for also giving us a mostly great game - I appreciate the chance to play a Maiden themed game that is better than Ed Hunter (it was OK, sort of).


    Leviathan Edit: Hi scott-5496! Llexi has answered your questions regarding comics, music and platforms here!
    Missing the following characters (well the ones I want!):

    Lone Star - Mystic Flame Eddie - Thor Eddie
    Krampus - Minotaur - Plague Doctor Harpy - Valhalla Maiden - Madame Fortune

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    Hello and thank you for the opportunity.

    Here is my question: Is there a way and has it been considered to make the Auto-play manageable by the player? Like:

    * order in which the Chars are attacking ( position 1 (not the Eddie) goes 1st, position 4 goes second, Eddie goes 3d ...),
    * the kind of attacks they can use ( basic only, only past basic, or only multi-hit basic, no power hits, or no Fury use),
    * the kind of attacks they can use but for every member of the team separately,
    * the Enemy position you attack first ( left-most, center, right-most)
    * Clean when more than X effects are on the team
    * use Heal when any of the Chars is under X health
    * etc.

    About your questions: life-long Metal fen, Maiden included; Playing for almost an year, after last July's show in Bulgaria, when I found out about the game from the tour's name.

    Thank you very much for making this!


    Leviathan Edit: Hi zzzoron! Matt has answered your question in his reply at the beginning of this thread. I've also pasted it below!

    Quote Originally Posted by Matt_LOTB View Post
    It's definitely something we've considered, but it's not a priority.
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    Hi Dev Team!

    I just have 2 questions:

    1 - Do you have mythology related content / chars planned for the future?

    2 - As a big fan of Corrupted Ox Souls, it is sad for me to see there is only warrior, magus and sentinel ones out there. Is there any plan releasing Gunner and Assassin versions?

    Answers to questions:

    -I heard about the game from Iron maiden's Facebook page.
    -Iron maiden fan for 17 years.
    -Player since Day 1, but taking breaks from game during busy periods.

    Leviathan Edit: Hi osiris0000! Matt has answered your question in his reply at the beginning of this thread. I've also pasted it below!

    Quote Originally Posted by Matt_LOTB View Post
    We do have some plans of this sort, yeah, depending on the mythology in question. Norse, Classical, Greek mythology all appear in our roadmap at various points. Here's a little concept art I can share to illustrate

    Name:  odin_concept2.jpg
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    This is certainly something we could look into.
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    Hey Devs,

    Thank you so much for the Q&A and most importantly for all your efforts to make things better in the last few months. I have been a Maiden fan since 1988 and have discovered the game from Iron Maiden's social media and played since Day 1.

    My questions/points for discussion are somewhat more of general ones since a lot of the detailed ones have already been asked.

    1. Can we please slow down the constant grinding efforts, as it seems that this game has turned more into a second job that an enjoyable experience, it is very cumbersome to have to repeat tasks over and over again and the main concept of a game should be to provide pleasure and an escape from "real life"?

    2. Can we please slow down the "inflation" and ultra commercial aspects of the game (exclusive Eddies, exclusive talismans...)? It seems that everything costs more and more in terms of required resources and the "value for money" is definitely not the right ratio at the moment.

    3. I believe that Iron Maiden is a great brand and to quote Bruce from a recent meeting I had with him: "We want to turn our customers into fans and not our fans into customers, otherwise we would be called Metallica". Realistically, this game seems to be milking fans turned into customers and I guess a lot of the aggravation would disappear if things were fairer.

    4. Slowing down on the constant release of characters and talismans is a must, any kind of Rare, or Event Soul is rendered useless by the sheer number of characters in the pool, maybe there should not be "all class souls" anymore but class souls only (even for Event Souls) to reduce this pool.

    5. Can we attempt to pivot the customer churn management strategy from grinding and collecting to fun and competition (guilds would be a good way to achieve this)?

    6. How involved and invested are the band members in the game, it seems that they are somewhat detached from the strategic and commercial view?

    Looking forward to reading all your answers!

    Kind Regards,


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    Leviathan Edit: Hi Patrice! Kaz has addressed questions 1, 2 and 5 in other responses within his reply at the beginning of the thread.
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    How did you find about the game?

    Were you an Iron Maiden fan first, or was the game an introduction
    Iron Maiden fan since 1984

    How long have you been playing?
    Since the launch in 2016

    My questions:

    1. will we get a new GUI with more filters to find talismans on our toons easier?
    2. why you do bugfixing instead of recoding the whole game?
    3. why you develop new toons instead of tuning the old ones?

    TY for this Q&A \m/

    Leviathan Edit: Hi URock! Kaz has just finished answering your questions in his reply at the beginning of the thread!
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    Hello everybody,
    I've got only one but for me very very important question:
    Can you develop a separate brave new world dungeon for each talisman color ? So 5 dungeons instead of 3 ? It's not good when you're searching for runes of a specific color and the drops are the color you don't need ...

    Leviathan Edit: Hi mikmar. Kaz has just finished answering your question in his reply at the beginning of this thread. I have also copied his reponse below!
    Quote Originally Posted by Kaz_LOTB View Post
    Something we can consider, yes.
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    Hi Devs

    For starters I would like to thank you for taking the time to answer the players question and it is very appreciated.

    My Questions

    1. Whats the general outline and story plot moving forward after Isle Of Avalon?
    2. When is Isle Of Avalon coming out?
    2. Is Brave New World going to get updated scenery and environment updates soon or is this already planned for a later release in the game?
    3. As Patrice stated above but I believe all players say this and can not be stressed enough is the constant grind that seems to becoming more and more as the game progresses. Will this slow down at all or change as us players are really struggling to cope with these demands.
    4. Will we see the return of other Devs like Mia and Sparton on the forum to help answer our questions or are they helping in other areas of the game?
    5. Any update on the in game wiki?
    6. Can we have some more Lexi Leon videos on the official Legacy Of The Beast channel talking about latest releases of characters, content and updates. I think this will benefit players a lot.
    7. What are some future planned worlds coming after the Silent Planet.
    8. Are we going to hear Bruce singing more often in the game?

    How did you find about the game?
    Honestly, don't remember. Might be from seeing Legacy Of The Beast on Ed Force One.

    Were you an Iron Maiden fan first, or was the game an introduction?
    I was a Maiden Fan before the game introduction.

    How long have you been playing?
    A long time. Few months after the game got released. I have had breaks from the game though a few times.

    Thanks Devs really appreciate all the work you guys and girls are doing.

    Leviathan Edit: Hi AcesHigh189! Matt has answered most of your questions in his reply over here.

    Llexi has answered question 8 here!
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    QUESTION: Why is Rod Smallwood using a cane to get around? Is he ok? Temporary injury I hope!

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    If this is supposed to be the official forum for the game why is content posted on other social media like Facebook and Twitter that doesn't show up here in the official forum?
    I have a demanding career, family responsibilities, and this game as a full-time hobby. I don't have time to keep up with social media. I like this forum because the members make it great and keep it pretty focused and informative. I have seen posts here of items that went out on other channels that I would never have found if not for the other members sharing them here. Ironite rewards as well as good information about characters. I've seen a couple of character cards linked here from Facebook that have awesome information, but I don't have time to chase information other places. It would be nice if the official forum got all of the information instead of just bits and pieces.

    I think I found out about the game through the IM fan club, and a friend telling me it was coming out soon.
    I've been an Iron Maiden fan since I was old enough to buy my own albums. My first was Number of the Beast.
    I tried to play from the beginning, but the game would not run on my phone. I installed/uninstalled many times for 3 months (including a support ticket before I ever had my first battle) before I was able to get it to run stable on my phone. I've been playing ever since.

    Leviathan Edit: Hi Tim28213! Matt has answered your question in his reply at the beginning of this thread. I have also copied it below!

    Quote Originally Posted by Matt_LOTB View Post
    The short answer is "time". The medium answer is that this forum is essentially intended to be the place for discussion of Legacy of the Beast, whereas social media is our place for promotion of Legacy of the Beast. The long answer is the we are creating specific media and content tailored to the platform it is intended to be presented on and for the audience that inhabits each platform.

    That said, our social media manager agrees that you have a great point about the character information posts, and we can look at bringing those into the forum in future.
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