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His passive isnt broken, it does not say it applies a debuff. It is a global modifier. So it does not count toward achievements. Achievements require a literal debuff to be applied to a character. Use Red Golden Son. Works great, hits all opponents. I think I even added the Future talisman to him to increase accuracy.
Well, I guess it is indeed a global modifier (not applying debuff as such) - NF confirmed it this morning: "Passively ongoing effects that change the state of the battle such as your Demon Spawn's heal reductions do not count as individual applications."

But I disagree with such approach - it should be applied as a debuff (not only because of this event, but generally). I am not aware of any other such "global modifiers" - everything is being amended through visible buffs/debuffs (unless it is a talisman skill). What also doesn't help is that sometime they name the skills in different wording and it is then confusing whether the skill applies or not.