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    This game is getting more and more "interesting". Since a few weeks, in all the Brave New World dungeons the boss fully heal itself a lot of times during a battle. I havenīt lost a single battle in BNW since months and it was quick to win, but since that healing thing it takes more than 10 minutes sometimes to win and sometimes my team is lose. So I decided to reinstall the game. After that, the BNW was OK again. A few minutes ago I started to play, the game downloaded some new data - I have no idea what - and the the boss started to fully heal itself again. So dear devs, WHAT A FUCK IS GOING ON? And yes, you DID boost the AI.

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    BNW is an older dungeon so I don't' THINK it has the same "play with relics" factors. I haven't had an issue in BNW for quite some time... other than the APP CRASHING which they don't seem to care at all about.
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