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Flight of Icarus Eddie is making his Legacy of the Beast debut in a limited-time Dungeon!

Flight of Icarus Eddie is a menacing 5★ Gunner who can strike multiple enemies with vicious burns, and support his team by reviving and placing Heal Shields on his allies. His Fury, Flight of Fire, inflicts Fear, True Burns and transforms any previously existing burns on enemies into powerful negative effects, including the new Dark Ghost Effect. Dark Ghost prevents death while active, but will permanently kill the target upon expiring or by being inflicted with Permadeath.

Check out more on Flight of Icarus Eddie in his Character Discussions forum post.

From now until August 9th at 5PM PT, battle in a limited time Dungeon for Puzzling Soul Fragments and Primordial Talismans!

The Puzzling Soul is a limited time event soul which guarantees a 3★ to 5★ character of any class, with an increased chance at Flight of Icarus Eddie, Icarus, and 4 classes of Minotaur, with an exclusive chance of summoning the Sentinel Minotaur!

Puzzling Souls can be earned in one of three ways:

  • Take Flight! The first time you complete the first 3 dungeon floors, you will be granted with set rewards including Puzzling Souls and new Persecution Talismans. All subsequent victories are guaranteed to provide Gunner Soul Fragments, as well as a chance of up to 2 bonus rewards, including Primordial Talismans.

    NEW ADDITION: The Amazing Flight Dungeon features a 4th difficulty mode - INSANITY! Complete this floor in order to receive Cosmic Evo Materials and Talisman Epic Soul Fragments as first time clear rewards!
  • There are Event Challenges that will grant you Puzzling Soul Fragments. Getting 200 fragments will earn you a Puzzling Soul, with up to 10 Souls that can be earned from challenges over the course of the event.
  • The store offers Puzzling Souls for Ironite in the usual bundle sizes of 1, 3, or 10.

In addition to Puzzling Soul Fragments, completing event challenges will grant various other rewards, including new Orbit Talismans.

Orbit Talismans are red Talismans with a 6-set effect. Equip them to give Immunity to True Damage to all allies. These talismans will also remove Negative Effects from all allies and Beneficial Effects from all enemies every action. They also permanently increase DEF and MR by 5% every turn at the start of your turn.

Puzzling Soul Details

Increased Chance:

  • Flight of Icarus Eddie (5★ Gunner)
  • Icarus (5★ Sentinel)
  • Minotaur (5★ Warrior): A ferocious Warrior who can prevent enemy Counterattacks and disable enemy teams.
  • Minotaur (5★ Gunner): A party enhancer who can extend beneficial effects and grant his team Perfect Accuracy and Perfect Health.
  • Minotaur (4★ Assassin): A negative effect caster who can Cleanse and Heal your allies, while passively stealing beneficial effects and inflicting Seal, Silence, Blind, Perfect Disable and Exhaust.
  • Minotaur (4★ Magus): A True Damage attacker who protects his team with Perfect Force Shield and has a high chance of critically striking his opponents.

Exclusive Chance:

Minotaur (4★ Sentinel): This negative effect caster decreases his targetís Max HP by 20% and passively grants the new Stone Shield effect to his allies. Stone Shield reduces all incoming damage and has a 70% Chance to Taunt enemies!

The Sentinel Minotaur is ONLY available in the Puzzling Soul, and after this event, he will only be featured occasionally in Heroic Soul Rotations. If you miss your chance to recruit him now, it may be a very long time until you get another chance!

BONUS: Each Puzzling Soul summoned will grant 10 Flight of Icarus Soul Fragments. Collecting 750 Fragments guarantees Flight of Icarus Eddie!

These Souls will also give you 10 Gunner/Warrior Minotaur Fragments, and 10 Magus/Sentinel/Assassin Minotaur Fragments.
  • 500 Gunner/Warrior Minotaur Fragments will create a soul that will give you either the Gunner or Warrior Minotaur.
  • 350 Magus/Sentinel/Assassin Minotaur Fragments will create a soul that will give you an equal chance at the Magus, Sentinel or Assassin Minotaur.

Finally, we have a few deals available in the store to help with gearing up Flight of Icarus Eddie:
  • We have a Power up deal on offer! This pack provides Ironite, a bit of gold, and 5★ XP Shards to power up a new Flight of Icarus Eddie!
  • Orbit and Persecution Talismans are also obtainable from the store for Ironite or IAP. You can finish making a full set for Ironite, and if youíd like to get a full set of either of these talismans with some bonus Ironite, Gold and Sands of War, they are both available as a one-time only offer as an IAP.
  • Lightbringer Relics are back to help bolster your characters for the event dungeon! Head to the Event Store to purchase these limited-time Relics and gain increases on your Attack, Defense and HP stats in the Lord of Light and Amazing Flight Dungeons.