After Liu quitting yesterday it got me thinking - also the guy that came back after 2 years and lost the plot completely - I was playing everyday and lost it to be honest ... it's time ... I also deinstalled the game and have enough.

In this "event" I opened 32 event souls and about 60 Legendary + 4 mythical souls (3 white +1 gunner) that I saved and got not 1 event char or one that I am missing (Hierophants). I realized the pool is so diluted by now that it's a pita to even try. If you miss out on something it takes you weeks and weeks of senseless grinding. But that's not the worst part.

By now there are 4 different locations where I would need to grind to get stuff I want / need. On the other hand I look through my inventory and there is so much stuff that I would need to evolve and half of the stuff I don't even know what it does or I forgot I have it. The speed of the introduction of new stuff (chars / talismans) is just too much for me to keep up (I have a life as well).

If you are missing key characters you are left out and might need to wait for ages to get another chance.

Talisman management is a total catastrophe but it doesn't stop the team to pump out new types with high speed. Just for the record: that doesn't make it better! ...

I have 120.000 Trooper badges and no desire or time to spend them in the grind.

Got the same amount of gold and no opportunity to spend it.

There are 100s of heroic souls, 30+ legendary heroic souls and 3 mythical heroic souls in my BoS but even the heroic rotation these days gives you lam chars or stuff that is so old that I don't need it.

I saved about 750 SoW but find Arena utterly boring and Gauntlet is ridiculous difficult / unfair now. Well I guess AAA is always possible. I played there and can't get over 2 fights (haven#t played since more than 8 days) - still under the best 400 - says a lot, doesn't it?

There are about 30 normal keys in my BoS and a few other including Inferno dungeon and Cosmic stuff and I can't be arsed to play or open them.

The events just get sillier and more time-consuming. Evolution is the worst of the worst but do x-hundred times the same thing is not much better.

Enough rant - game deinstalled - you can drop me - I'm not an account number! I'm a free man! - thanks for all the badges and good luck to everyone. I hope I won't come back this time.

P.S: this morning before the deinstall I blew soe ironite out and bought another 20 pack of event souls. This time I got the purple Minotaur and from the 350 frags I got the magus one. Still deinstalled - this time I win not the silly game. in total out of the 52 event souls I got 3 4* chars ... not impressed.