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    Big list of ideas

    Knowing my luck, this post (along with the topic) will be quickly buried under the flood of posts in topics about the new event. Nevertheless, observing the latest development of the game and its emphasis on releasing new characters and talismans, I decided to sit down and come up with some ideas, and/or find something for developers to create / get inspired / base their own ideas on. Of course, ideas will be sorted out so as not to get lost. I apologize in advance if the post / list turns out to be too long and simply boring and / or it will repeat the ideas already suggested by others. In addition, I would like to apologize if the amount of ideas or ideas themselves may seem bad / strange / cringy.

    List of Ideas

    1. Characters
      • Eddies from album / single covers
      • Fan made
      • Characters

    2. Guilds/clans

    1. Characters

    Eddies from album / single covers

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    Pashendale Eddie

    Honestly, I'm surprised that this Eddie is not in the game yet. What could our World War I mascot be in Legacy Of The Beast? Maybe 4* Gunner or Warrior, whose role would be mainly to support the team with the main point of keeping allies alive (heals, endure, etc?), but also boosting their damage output with physical / magic charges and / or echoes?
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    Aztec Shaman Eddie

    While searching for various album covers of Iron Maiden, I came across this one. I also found the same version of the mascot in slightly different versions, but it was always the mascot of Shaman Eddie in the Aztec appearance. Due to the fact that we have recently received a bunch of 'new' versions of existing mascots, whose furies has been replaced by passive skills, why not give one to Shaman Eddie? Especially after he received (probably a month ago) a small buff. Maybe something like applying the ascension for a couple of turns to the rest of the team with each killed ally, and the percentage of resurrecting dead characters (a bit like assassin lilith)?
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    Cyborg / Stranger In A Strange Land (?) Eddie

    A rule similar to Aztec Shaman Eddie, with the difference that Cyborg Eddie, let's be honest, could use a buff to be on par with the other released Eddies. Here, unfortunately, I have no idea what you can suggest for passives, maybe receiving random targets (void, thorn, stone, etc) and the percentage chance of applying negative effects when attacked? Anything that could help Cyborg pull himself up and catch up with the rest of the mascots.
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    Don't Walk / Infinite Dreams (?) Eddie

    I'm sorry if I'm misleading or I'm writing mascot names wrong, I'm trying to name them as I saw them named on the internet. Anyway. We have Charlotte, we have Wrathchild, two characters on the bikes. Why can not Eddie have his own motorcycle? Maybe we could get a 5 * Assassin Eddie, which can be obtained from normal souls (A not heroic ones), which would not have obsolete moveset. It would be great if he could do a lot of negative effects and stripping / stealing positive effects from the enemies (Let's say something like a fully offensive character)?
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    Different World Eddie

    Because Silent Planet did not go along with Eddie's Final Frontier, we could link Different Eddie with this map, after all the new "planet" is, well, different for us. What I see Different World Eddie to be? 4* or 5* Magus (sentinel eventually) operating mainly on weakening enemies statwise and keeping your allies health in check. In other words, a stat destroyer with a small ounce of party healer maybe?
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    Beast / Hallowed Be Thy Name (?) Eddie

    Unfortunately, both names have already been reserved for other characters, so it will be difficult to draw a meaningful name for this cover. It's a pity, because who would not like to see the merger of the two biggest giants in lore Iron Maiden, right?

    Fan Made Eddies

    Duelist / Flash Of The Blade Eddie

    5 * Gunner / Warrior, whose aim would be to deal massive single target damage and 'negating the battlefield' (Something similar to what Piece Of Mind Eddie's fury does, in which he removes the negative and positive effects of each side [something like " making a fair play duel"]). Plus, similarly to Redan, could heal himself with one of his basic attacks. We can even use Redan's animation for this Eddie's stance.

    Montsegur Eddie

    Imagine Eddie, who carries with him a full plate armor and two handed sword, whose only goal in the team is 100% defense. 5 * Sentinel whose green shield icon says "I'm a defender and I'm hard to kill". Can give him the ability to get a huge selection of shields, from thorn, cyclone, through sleep shield, health shield to new stone shield? To add more this protection gimmicks, set his damage as true damage scaling with either his life, or DEF and MR? (although looking at it to be a purely defensive character, its damage output should not be enormously large to maintain the balance)



    Character taken from the beginning of Fallen Angel from Brave New World. We already have three large demons, like the Beast, Beelzebub and Wrath. Why not add another in the form of a Gunner or a Magus? And unlike all three, why not focus on strengthening your own by lengthening positive effects and imposing golden effects on the team. We already have three demons focused on destruction and stacking of negative effects, so some opposite would be an interesting thing.

    Edward Kelley

    5 * Magus, a person known to John Dee, or, as we know him, the Alchemist. Perhaps we will see him during Isle of Avalon campaign as a rival alchemist with a similar range of skills as our replacing Clairvoyant companion?

    2. Clans / Guilds

    Guild Chat

    Looking at the structure of the game, there is a small problem regarding communication between players. Lots of online games have some type of contact in the form of a chat or a mailbox that you can write private messages to. More and more mobile games are starting to apply similar solutions so that players can have more contact with each other. Unfortunately, Legacy Of The Beast is not there. So why not the clans (yes, I still think that NF should call the guilds 'clans' to maintain the Iron Maiden theme [especially that we have a whole song about clans]) to have a chat window where they could talk to the rest of the clanmates?


    I looked around at other mobile games to see and understand how different titles deal with guild activities. I noticed that many games have a raiding option, ie a fight with guild bosses. So I came up with the idea of how to implement raids to the game and how to create it so as not to force players who want to play solo to join existing groups.

    Let's start with the mechanics of the raid first. You can place an option to open the raid somewhere in the clan tab (once a day / week, it's open to discussion), where the player can plan his team to raid (Eddie + 2 - 3 side characters) and to fight the boss. Considering that this is supposed be an activity for everyone, and not only for people with a large pool of strong characters, the boss battle may look like this: Boss start as a 1*. The player has a specific time / number of turns (again, subject to discussion) to deal as much damage as possible to the boss. Of course, when the team manages to bring life to 0, the boss does not die. He gets one star more (2*), raised statistics, and his life returns to 100%. And due to the fact that the team achieved the first stage of the entire boss' fight, player receives a prize in the form of random materials/souls/whatever. And the more times you manage to bring the boss's life to 0 at a indicated time, the stronger the boss gets, but the rewards we get become better. When the time runs out - the raid ends, and we return with the collected items to the main screen. If a player dies during a fight, there should be no option to pay with ironite for resurrection and further battle. The player should then takes the loot he has gained so far and should also be redirected to the main screen. This way everyone can raid, from new players to veterans.

    Raids can also have weekly/monthly scores, for which, as in gauntlet, or pvp, player can receive additional items in the form of ironite, or souls for participating in raids and gaining points. Points should not be personal, but for the whole clan, in the end, the whole clan is supposed to work on getting clan points. In order not to put logs under the feet of small groups, or even one-man clans, we can apply the scaling of required points with the number of players in the clan. The more players clan has, the more points clan need to climb the week / month ranks with prizes.

    So that's pretty much it. Constructive (or any sort of) criticism is welcome.
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    A few of your ideas have been confirmed by the devs. If you scroll through the answers on the first page of the Q & A, you'll see Stranger in a Strange Land and Infinite Dreams are coming at some point: \m/!

    And guilds are in the works according to the 2019 state of the union:
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