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Earn new 2-set Gravity Talismans!

From now until August 26th at 5PM PDT, complete Event Challenges in Skull Quests to earn a full set of Gravity Talismans, Cosmic Evolution Materials and other valuable rewards!

Gravity Talismans are blue talismans with a 2 set effect. Equip them to increase ATTACK and MAGIC stats for 1 turn at the start of battle. These Talismans also gives a 25% chance to Transfer all Negative Effects, including Silver Effects, to the target after you take an action, and will give you Perfect Hit for 1 Turn if the Negative Effect Transfer is not triggered.

During this event, Skull Quests will also be granting 1 bonus reward, in addition to normal level rewards. Bonus rewards include, Ironite, Gold, Heroic Soul Fragments, Skill Shards and more!

Looking for another set of Gravity Talismans?

Gravity Talismans are also obtainable from the store for Ironite or IAP. You can get one talisman to finish making a set for Ironite (i.e. the 500 Ironite pack will grant you 1x Gravity Talisman), and if you’d like to get a full set of the talisman with some bonus Ironite, Gold and Sands of War, there is a one-time only offer as an IAP.