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    Welcome advice and a little help...

    First, hello again everyone I hope you're having a great day and enjoying the game.
    I've been playing for a couple months now and am aware of some mistakes I've been making and some bad tendencies I have so I'm going to correct my own gameplay but I figured it is time to also humbly ask advice from the veterans ( you guys). So, I'm just gonna throw some things out any advice is welcome and appreciated.
    At this time I'm really having trouble completing the skull quests that contain "Use 10 power abilities" like in Battlefield Cold,Bloody War. Any advice on who to use to accomplish those?
    Next, I've recently just finished Night City, got the talisman hoard skull quest open, and finished 9&10 Garden of Dismay. Meaning, I have alot of new talismans coming (death,freeze,persecution,rage,nightmare,
    mimic). I know talismans are really trial and error but I was wondering if you feel certain ones are just a good fit or work really well with particular characters.
    Last, it seems I have some good characters that just aren't as strong as they should be. They are maxed, skill sharded up, with max talis but seem like they're missing that lil extra umph so it must be my tali choice and I've tried alot of mixed. Examples: Lady A, Raven, Clairvoyant,Green desert guard.
    Well, I know that's alot but I've been trying to work through all this on my own and figured it might just be better to ask opinions. Thanks guys.

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    I would search the forums,pretty much everything you asked is answered in there

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    Well....I took a quick look at your Eddies and you’re using a lot of HP talisman.
    For instance, Samurai doesn’t benefit from 2 mysticals. Swap the 3 greens for 3 reds Fierce or safeguard.
    Look at the skills from a character and then choose the best Talisman.
    I also saw reds on a Magus that only uses magic to attack. That doesn’t work

    Sorry for my English,makes it a bit harder for me to explain but I hope you get what I mean.
    Good luck man. \m/

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    As Intimitador wrote, you need to look at the toons description of their abilities. There are several types of damage attack, magic, true and random. True is a combination of attack and magic. Each subset of each talisman has different stats.

    Typically stats are what the talisman are used for, but there are exceptions. Each talisman set also has it's own unique ability.

    Green, used for HP
    Red, for attack
    Blue, for magic
    Yellow, HP lower than green, but better than the rest. Attack and magic but lower than red or blue.
    Purple, usually a combination of HP, magic and attack.
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