This team has not lost a single battle yet auto farming lord of the flies madness:

Killers Eddie / Rage, Ruin / not fully sharded yet
Gunner Minotaur / Primordials / sharded
Sekhmet / Explosive, Flash / Sharded

All talismans are maxed.

Cool thing to note: You can manually win in 2-3 attacks. Just use Killers future attack to get cleave on the boss (it does only have a 50% chance but it seems to work every time) then use minotaur's basic to deal a ton of hits because of the three golden effects on each team member. The cleave effect doubles up on the damage from the minotaur and sekhmet is just there to clean up which is not always needed. However, the AI only takes a max of about 15-30 seconds each run.

I know the minotaur is very new, but he is very powerful if you have him (might even say overpowered?). Night city was so easy to beat with him since he just one shot most of the teams. He is also very good for taking down the assassin dragon's shield.