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    Serenity Talisman (not working?)

    Hello Guys, quick question about the Serenity Talismans. In the Talisman description, it says that "Grants inmmunity to all silver effects" ... But, or there is something I'm not understanding, or there is a bug, because those Talis do nothing against Malakov. My idea was to use them on my Blue Hierophant, to avoid Malakov attack and then cleanse all my allies. But it's not working because as soon as Malakov dies, My blue hierophant turns into sleeping beauty, full of silver crap.
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    Just another in the list of things which do not function as advertised.
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    I tried the same thing in arena and it did not work either - as Yup says there are several talisman that do not work as they are supposed to. The devs need to fix what they put out asap - especially if folk have had to pay for them in some way. That sucks. I did nto pay for them but still these things should work! I had a set on each of the team I used and it stopped no silver effects.
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