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    I like him so far but I am missing a few years worth of Eddies so who knows

    NyBSfP-3948 if anyone wants to try him

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    I think purchasing characters and/or resources are fine. I'm sure new people see it as a way to catch up, I did.
    Last September they had the buy 5 talis sets, so I finally got eternals and primordials. At the same time they had a pack w/ 1,500 FC... got it so I could get Horus.
    All of a sudden I could hang with the majority of teams in pvp. I've been hooked ever since.

    It depends on what is important to you.
    Some people buy material stuff, some spend it on movies, some on drugs/alcohol/cigarettes, some on a gym membership, others on eating out.
    I get movies for free and have a gym at home, drink very little... don't do the other stuff.... so $20 is something I'll spend to enjoy the game.
    P.S.can anyone loan me $20... I'll pay you back next week. LOL

    *All Eddies, except Pharaoh Ramesses!
    Lords of Light: Warrior & Magus

    Relieve your "gaming stress" the link below for a laugh regarding LotB and all the things that drive us crazy!!!!

    (Rime of the Ancient Mariner) parody
    “Hear the Gripe of the Mobile Gamer, see him cry as it locks up on he”

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