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Soldier Ed: Radiant / Tranquility
Bomber Boy: Alchemy / Cosmic
Possessed Rockets: Primordial
Undead Allied: Greed / Warlord

Auto average: 1:07
Quite a few times it will clock in at under a minute. Never came close to dying.
35 Runs per key.
6 keys total.
Would be nice if auto skipped the looting screen.
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Are there auto teams for these two dungeons? I had to do all of mine manual as my attempts at auto failed and I had to jump in to save my team each time so gave up trying to do it auto!
Havent tried the Mayan dungeon yet. For the Airstrip dungeon, I used the team Saigrim lists above and had no issues at all. I am about 2 keys away from the eddie but I have stopped to focus on the LOL event. zero failures, usually under 1 minutes on a run. I cant tell you how long... because my screen only shows Time: 0... But there is a fix coming for that mid week... right? you know, in the middle of a timed LOL event...