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    FYI, the airstrip dungeon is bullshit. Final battle has gunner pyro with a light talisman set granting immortality to all every turn. You cant do enough damage to kill him, the main boss is corrupt fieldmarshall which has permanent perfect immunity so you cant block bene/perfect corrupt him. This means you need to be able to focus kill him at least twice in one turn. You need to guide the auto play to keep targeting him whenever he dies.

    Also he has many times revived without perfect immortality being visible. I'm sure it's there, but there is a visual glitch so it doesn't always show up.

    Finally, has anyone else noticed the screen resolution is screwed up since the update.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stormseye View Post
    I would not want you to waste a key to test post patch Edsel. Yup are you IOS or Android? Edsel you are Android correct?
    Droid not misbehaving on Droid, only iOS? And Yup the AI in Mayan is crAzy stuff but rewards are really great, even paying for itself with Mayan keys. Stormseye set up works fine for getting through the 30 against Shaman team. Thanks as always for figuring out a combo for me to copy!Name:  Screenshot_2019-08-24-13-09-04.png
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